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EZ Steps Big Dog Control Coupler Leash

EZ Steps, the revolutionary low impact dog walking coupler leash, greatly eases stress & tension on your neck, shoulders & arms from walking dogs that may have a tendency to pull or jump. Also relieves stress on your dogs' necks.

Features Mighty Max Rubber for optimum shock absorption & durability, consisting of hundreds of individual strands of Natural Hydrogen Multiple Bonded Super Rubber encapsulated by high tension resistant super wound polyester & Level 5 Polymer Chain Silicone Rubber which greatly absorbs tension like no other leash!

Ez on you. Ez on your dog.

* For 2 Dogs up to 400 lbs. combined weight.

* 35" Long with 4,000 lb max pull capacity.

* T-Bone Handle for greater control & comfort.

* Designed so the dogs won't get tangled.

* Weather & water resistant.

* Environmentally sustainable material.

Available in 4 Colors:

Made in the USA

Color Choice*