Whimzees Hedgehog Dental Chews
Whimzees Hedgehog Dental Chews Whimzees Hedgehog Dental Chews Whimzees Hedgehog Dental Chews

Hedgehog Dental Chews are the perfect low fat, tasty chew to give your pup for a healthy way to have fun!  Because dental hygiene is paramount for your pup, this veggie based chew is a great way to help clean teeth and freshen breath.  Plus you have to admit, he is a cute little fellow!

  • Easily digestible, low fat & high fiber.
  • No wheat, sugar, preservatives, colors, GMOs & gluten free.
  • Great alternative for meat based bones.
  • Extra Large - 3.7" long - best for dogs 60+ lbs

Available in 2 Quantities:

- 1 Hedgehog:  $3.95
- 6 Hedgehogs:  $15.29

Made in Holland

Your dog will love these fun, healthy, good for their teeth Hedgehog Chews!  They crumble into pieces to help the dogs avoid swallowing large chunks.

Ingredients and Feeding Instructions:
Potato starch, glycerin, powdered cellulose, lecithin, yeast, color added (malt extract, annatto extract, or alfalfa extract - see below).
Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein: 1.1% min.  Crude Fat:  2.3% min.  Crude Fat:   4.0% max   Crude Fiber: 13.7% max  Moisture: 12% max

Green Chews: with Alfalfa Extract for vitamins K, C, & six Bs, beta-catotene.
Orange Chews: with Annatto Extract, a rich source of antioxidants, from the Annatto fruit.
Light Brown Chews: with Malt Extract that enhances natural flavors.

Whimzees are not suitable for dogs under the age of 9 months or 5 lbs. in weight. 
1 chew per day is recommended.