Dog Twister Puzzle
Dog Twister Puzzle Dog Twister Puzzle Dog Twister Puzzle

With the Dog Twister, get ready to hide, seek and treat with this fun and challenging Nina Ottosson dog puzzle.  The Dog Twister engages and occupies your dog while they work to unlock tasty treats hidden inside each compartment.  Your dog will pull handles out of the puzzle's side to unlock the panels and expose the tasty goodies you have hidden inside.

  • Great for dogs of all ages, sizes & breeds.
  • A Level 3 dog game.  Different from Level 1 & 2 dog games, Level 3 Nina Ottosson dog games present your dog with more interesting & challenging ways to problem solve, while giving you new ways to teach and train your dog.  
  • Fun for playtime and holds your dog’s favorite treat, kibble, or cut up vegetables.
  • Durable construction helps to keep this dog toy intact, making it your new go-to dog game time after time.
  • No removable parts.
  • Perfect for energetic dogs, entertainment during hot/cold weather, or just plain fun.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 13.25" L x 12" W x 2" H

Fun to play, time and time again!