Beams Dried Fish Skins

The Honest Kitchen Beams are a natural dehydrated dog treat made from pure, wild-caught Icelandic Catfish skins sourced in the clean ocean waters of Iceland.  Dried into savory chewy sticks, each Beams is guaranteed to satisfy the pickiest of pups and is the perfect treat alternative to dried chicken snacks or bully sticks.

  • Excellent source of lean protein!
  • Easy to chew & digest.
  • Low in fat.
  • Good source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids.
  • Made with just one ingredient - pure Icelandic Catfish*.
  • Grain-free and contain no fillers or artificial additives.

*Icelandic Catfish is a marine fish, which is different from domestic freshwater catfish found in the United States.

Available in 2 Sizes:
Smalls - 3.5 oz - 7" long - $10.49
Talls - 12 oz - 12" long - $15.49

Your dog will LOVE these yummy chew treats!

Made in the USA and sourced in Iceland

Ingredients & Nutritional Information:
Dehydrated catfish skin
Guaranteed analysis:
Protein 88%,  Fat 4.0% Fiber 0.2% Moisture, 8.0%

Calories: Beams Smalls, about 26 per stick and Beams Talls, about 39 per stick