Back Seat Barrier
Back Seat Barrier Back Seat Barrier Back Seat Barrier
We know what it's like to drive while trying to fend off a furry head;  or whole furry body for that matter.  Never mind the beating the front of your car takes when you run into the store and come back to find your dog(s) has taken over the front seat.  The Back Seat Barrier is the answer!
  • Attaches to the back of your front seats creating a soft wall between you and your dog.
  • Simple to install and remove.
  • Stops dog from launching forward during quick stops.
  • No need to remove when passengers or cargo are in backseat.
  • Cup holder, storage pocket & all steel hardware.
  • Universal fit for most vehicles from a compact to a SUV (does not accommodate 2 door cars or minivans).
  • Durable materials & high quality workmanship.
  • Bottom mesh for rear climate control venting.
A great safety device that is ideal for long trips or just around town.