Lick Lick Pad
Lick Lick Pad Lick Lick Pad Lick Lick Pad Lick Lick Pad Lick Lick Pad

A  great solution for you & your dog to make bath time a fun time!  With a little soft food, the Lick Lick Pad becomes the ultimate delicious distraction.  Now your dog will have something to do while getting washed, dried, or groomed and not trying to escape or fidget.

Simply apply the Lick Lick Pad to any flat, shiny surface, apply Peanut Butter or other spreadable food, and let your dog lick away while you bath, groom, trim nails, etc.

  • Variable height bumps keep any spreadable pet-friendly food, such as peanut butter, in place.
  • Made of 100% safe Silicone and will not leave any residue.
  • Sticks to any flat/shinny surface, such as tile, porcelain, granite or glass.
  • Contains no PBA, BPS, lead or phthalates - FDA, CPSC and CPSIA relevant tests performed by independent 3rd party. 
  • Measures 9.5" long x 4.5" high.
  • Use with small or large size dogs.
  • Washes easily.

Available in 2 Fun Colors:  Red  or  Blue

Price:  $14.99 each  SALE - $9.99

Easy to use and fun for your dog!