Grip 'n Tug Toy
Grip 'n Tug Toy Grip 'n Tug Toy

You & your dog can play the day away with the PetSafe Grip ‘n’ Tug!  This fun toy has a unique handle that is designed to help protect your hand when playing with an overzealous tugging dog and it makes it easier to hold the tug.  The braided fleece & rope tug is soft to the touch but holds up to pulling, yanking & jerking when playing tug-of-war and other exciting games. 

  • The unique covered handle and length of the tug provides a safe play experience.
  • Easy to hold handle gives better leverage and helps keep your hand from getting tired during play.
  • Braided fleece & rope tug is machine washable & line dry.
  • Measures approximately 29.5" long.

    Playing with your pet has never been this fun or easy!

    More Information: Every dog is different in how they play with toys like the PetSafe Grip ‘n’ Tug.  If your dog is a powerful chewer, we recommend closely watching your dog while playing.  If the toy becomes damaged or broken, replace the braided tug.