River Rope Training Toy
River Rope Training Toy River Rope Training Toy

The River Rope Training Toy, one great product with 2 fabulous uses!

First, you never have watch your dog's favorite toy go downstream or out with the tide again. Simply secure the 25 feet of marine rope that attaches easily to your toy so you NEVER LOSE YOUR DOG TOY AGAIN. The rope also floats.

Another great use is for puppy training. The River Rope helps with the "Come" command, fetching & retrieving. Have you ever tried to teach your puppy to fetch and you end up fetching more than they do? Simply attach the Puppy Training rope to the toy and if your puppy get's distracted, you can fetch when they don't! You can also secure the rope to your puppy, very gently tug to aid when teaching your pup to come.

  • Strong 25' marine rope in bright, visible colors.
  • Well sewn loop to thread through your toys or use as a handle.
  • Carabiner on one end and loop/handle on the other.

Available in 3 Colors:

A wonderful accessory to have on hand for training your pup or securing toys safely.

Disclaimer - None of the items on this toy are strong enough for lifesaving equipment. If you use it as such, you use it at your own risk. (Just a warning, but necessary!)