Gift Wrapping Paper<br>2 dog friendly styles
Gift Wrapping Paper<br>2 dog friendly styles Gift Wrapping Paper<br>2 dog friendly styles Gift Wrapping Paper<br>2 dog friendly styles

Dogs love gifts!  And half the fun of receiving a gift is unwrapping it.  With Pet Party Printz your dog can safely have some fun ripping open their gift!!

  • Safe for pets, made with Soy based ink.
  • No toxic chemicals used to treat the paper.
  • No tape required!
  • Rip’n’Stick adhesive edge technology - the perfect amount of adhesive comes inherently with the paper (and yes, it matches the print too)!
  • Individually packaged 7 sq. ft. sheets.
  • Made in the USA.
2 Designs to Choose from:
I Love My Dog
Dog Party Silhouettes

Wrap your dog's presents in these modern and playful Pet Party Printz and allow your pet to enjoy their gift as much as you do!

About Pet Party Printz:  Today’s pet owners currently wrap their pet’s gifts using traditional wrapping paper, which is treated with bleach and chlorine and is potentially harmful to the pet if consumed.  In addition to the paper, the tape used to seal traditional wrapping paper also poses a potential choking hazard.  Pet Party Printz's product was designed to keep pets safe from potentially harmful chemicals and offer a creative and playful pet-inspired design that fits the taste of today’s sophisticated pet owner.  After exhaustive research, development and agency approvals, the Pet Party team emerged with an ingenious battery of solutions, culminating in the form of Pet Party Printz - pet friendly wrapping paper.  Every aspect of the gift wrapping process has been re-engineered to make it a safer product for your beloved pet.  The paper, ink, and the unique patented Rip-n-Stick adhesive edge have been developed with your pet’s safety in mind. We invite you to get your pet involved in the gifting experience and give your furry companion the gift of surprise!