6" Bully Gnawer Thick Bully Stick

Dogs Love to Chew!!  It is their natural instinct that provides stimulation, relieves boredom & anxiety, and improves dental health.  The Gnawer Thick Bully Sticks are a healthy chew that will keep your dog happy and entertained.

  • Made from free-range, humanely-raised, grass-fed Beef.
  • No hormones, Antibiotics, chemicals, or GMO.
  • A healthy alternative to mass-produced commercial dog chews.
  • 100% natural bull pizzle.
  • Packed with protein & healthy fat.
  • 6" long, double thick.
  • Individually wrapped.

Your dog will LOVE these protein packed, long lasting chews!

The Bully Gnawers are not a odor-free stick and dogs love them that way.   While you may not love the smell, these sticks have not been through bleaching with chlorine or the use of formaldehyde like many odor-free bully sticks have. 100% natural bull pizzle never has artificial flavors, preservatives, grains, or glutens.  This makes them ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Made in Argentina.