Dog Magnets - Wag More Bark Less
Dog Magnets - Wag More Bark Less Dog Magnets - Wag More Bark Less Dog Magnets - Wag More Bark Less

SPREAD THE WORD!  Hey, don't you think that "Wag More, Bark Less" is something that we all should practiced a little more?  We don't just mean the dogs, either!

For those people afraid of the long term commitment inherent with an adhesive stickers, magnets are the answer!  You can stick one to your car, refrigerator for a smile as you reach for that midnight snack, or apply to any flat magnetic surface:  filing cabinets, lockers, etc... anything you can imagine!

  • Measure 6" wide x 4" high.
  • Durable vinyl material with strong magnet backing.
  • Fade resistant.

Available in 4 fun Colors:
- Light Blue with Dark Blue Lettering
- Orange with Red Lettering
- Pink with Brown Lettering - out of stock
- Dark Blue with White Lettering - out of stock

Special - buy 3 magnets we will add a free Wag More Bark Less Sticker to your order!  If you have a color preference for your sticker, write it in the comments section.

What a fun way to liven up your life and remember that a Wag is better than a Bark!

Also available in a sticker, see separate product listing.

NOTE:  Out of Stock of the colors - White with Black Lettering & Pink with Brown