DuraForce Star Toy
DuraForce Star Toy DuraForce Star Toy DuraForce Star Toy

Your dog will be starstruck with the Duraforce Star toy.  If you have been seeking for a toy that can withstand some serious play, look no further, the DuraForce Star will provide hours of chasing, throwing, and floating fun!  Durability is created with multiple layers of flexible materials that are equally or just as thick as many multilayered dog toys.

  • The Orange & Yellow outer later is made from plastic coated polyester fibers that are woven into a thick mat for durability.

  • The inner layer is polyester to make the toy even more durable.  Both layers are then cross-stitched together.  

  • Measures 10" long x 10" wide x 1.5" high.

  • Squeaker inside is enclosed in a material pouch for squeaky fun!

  • Rated 9 out of 10 on the Dura Scale.

  • Floats in water.

  • Suitable for all size dogs.

Durability has taken on a new meaning with the DuraForce dog toys!  Be sure to see the DuraForce Bone, Boomerang, Duck, Crab & Triangle Rings also offered at Fun Time Dog Shop.