Nail Clippers
Nail Clippers Nail Clippers

Your dog's nails need clipped every 3 to 4 weeks s having a good pair of clippers on hand is a necessity. Untrimmed ails affect the comfort and health of your dog.  The FURminator Nail Clippers are professional quality clippers that make trimming nails a snap.

  • Super sharp, stainless steel cutting edges insure a clean, even cut without crushing the nail.
  • Anti-microbial plastic helps keep germs and bacteria to a minimum.
  • An adjustable nail guide allows you to select the safe cutting depth.
  • Easy grip handles helps you feel secure when trimming nails.
  • Protective cover for safety.

Ensure your dog will not have sore legs, hips & feet by trimming nails regularly with the FURminator professional quality clippers