H204K9 - K9 Unit<br>Insulated Dog Water Bottle

The K9 UNIT insulated dog water bottle by H204K9 is designed and built for active outdoor work & play! This rugged, durable, & stylish water bottle & bowl is quick & easy to use.

  • Holds 25 oz of liquid.
  • Simple twist-top lid which also doubles as a bowl, providing ease and efficiency for both dog and handler.
  • The lid also features a wide trough for larger dogs.
  • Silicone gasket for spill-proof storage.
  • Thick outer silicone shell helps dampen sound and resist impact, while at the same time providing adequate insulation.
  • Outside hook-loop to allow the bottle to be securely tied to a belt or bag.
  • 100% BPA free plastic cap and food-grade stainless steel, from a rugged and stout one-piece mold for increased durability.
  • Impact resistant, sound deadening, & insulative materials.

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The High Performance Bottle For High Performance Dogs!

PLEASE NOTE: The grippy texture of the silicone outer shell does not play well with the NEOSLING bottle holder, as it will not slide in and out of the pocket easily.