Mix Max Puzzle - wood
Mix Max Puzzle - wood Mix Max Puzzle - wood
A completely new and unique concept of activity games for dogs & cats!  The Mix Max allows you to put together several games to one BIG activity board game.  Hide treats and let your pet figure out how to find them.  Create your own game by combining several different puzzles, you decide how difficult it will be  -  endless possibilities!
  • Use one game by itself, or put together several games to create the ultimate game at the level that your pet needs.  
  • Constructed with high quality, durable wood.
  • Each puzzle contains 1 game board and 4 blocks.
  • Advanced Level of Difficulty.

Start by using only one game. Let your pet try to figure out how to get the blocks out through one of the openings on the side of the game, in order to get to the treats. If needed, help your dog by moving a block towards an opening, so he or she dog understands that there are treats underneath the block.

When your dog or cat understands how the game works, you can put together as many games as you want, to achieve the difficulty level that your pet needs.  The block with treats hidden has to be moved between the games to an opening at the end, in order to get the treats out.

An excellent interactive puzzle for you and your dog or cat to play together.

Available only in red.

Made in Sweden