Puzzle Cube
Puzzle Cube Puzzle Cube

New interactive for for your dog where hide and seek meets squeaking tennis ball fun with the Puzzle Cube!  Curious canines can retrieve the tennis balls from the durable synthetic rubber cube for a fun and interactive game indoors and out.

  • PUZZLE PLAY:  the Puzzle Cube with 2 squeaking tennis balls inside, your dog will enjoy the challenge of releasing the balls for fetch and other fun play.
  • 2-IN-1 FUN: Not only does the Puzzle Cube challenge your dog to release the tennis balls stuffed inside the cube, after the balls have been found, these squeaking tennis balls are fun to chew & fetch.
  • HOLE LOT OF FUN: Unique to the Puzzle Cube are all the unique shapes of holes and passage points for your dog to engage and release the tennis balls inside. Made for different sized mouths, paws and teeth, great for every pup!

Lots of interactive play for you and your pup!