Wander Travel Pail
Wander Travel Pail Wander Travel Pail
Keep your furry traveler satisfied breakfast, lunch & dinner!  Designed to make traveling mealtimes easier for you and your pup, the nesting dog pail allows you to bring food for Fido where ever you go.
     With 2 convenient bowls packed into one you can easily store necessary nourishment, and never have to bring an extra dog bowl again.  The pail itself acts as the carrying case, with an inset removable bowl.  The screw on lid and handle make for easy toting.
  • Made from stainless steel & ABD handle (BPA free).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Stain, corrosion, and rust resistant.
  • Insulated for raw food diets.
Available in 2 Sizes:
Small - 27 fl oz - $15.95
800ml total:  bottom holds 600ml & top holds 200 ml.
Large - 44 fl oz - $18.95
1300ml total:  bottom holds 900ml & top holds 400ml

A wonderful solution for water & mealtimes for your pet while traveling!