Burtle-Turtle Tuffy Toy

Burtle the Turtle is his name but his friends call him Burt, and this is one fun guy your dog will love to be friends with!  Great as a pillow and all around play toy, your dog will enjoy keeping him close at all times.

  • Tuffy Toys are the most durable plush toy on the market!
  • Constructed with 3 layers of material;  1 inner layer of industrial grade 600D luggage material, 1 inner layer of plastic coated fabric, and 1 outer layer of soft fleece.
  • Sewn with 2 layers of cross-stitch & 2 layers of linear stitching covered with black trim with an additional 3 layers of stitches for a total of 7 seams.
  • Measures 13" long x 12" wide x 4" high.
  • Rated 8 out of 10 on the Tuff Scale.
  • Easy to toss, great for indoor and outdoor play!
  • No squeakers so your dog can't take them out.

The Tuffy Pet Toys are the most durable plush toys available.  All the layers of this toy are bonded and sewn together to make one "Tuff" Layer. Sewn multiple times unlike most toys that have just one seam to hold the toy together.  VIP sews webbing around the edges of the toy and then sews the edges together to make each toy Tuff.

The Tuffy Series toys are designed to be play toys and not chew toys.   No part of any toy should be ingested as injury may result.