Fun Time Dog Shop LLC was created with two goals in mind.   First, to help support some of the over 6 million dogs who are homeless and placed in shelters or with rescue groups each year.  Second, is to offer high quality products, that people and their dogs actually use, at reasonable prices.

All of the after cost profits from the products purchased at Fun Time Dog Shop will be donated to non-profit dog rescue groups, dog related non-profit organizations, and individual animal health emergencies.  We want to financially help the small rescue groups and organizations which promote the betterment of dog health & welfare in the USA and beyond, who desperately need funds to support the hard work they do.  Sadly there are times when a rescue group has to make decisions regarding a dog's health and well-being based on funding available or a non-profit health & welfare group cannot meet their obligations.  We want to help!

I started this journey as a volunteer & fundraiser for a national dog rescue group 20+ years ago.  After I bought 2 puppies 20 years ago I often thought of people who, for whatever reason, had to give up their beloved pets, or the dogs who have strayed or abandoned.  I decided to to help these innocent dogs who needed homes.

My passion for fund raising led me to creating Fun Time Dog Shop to help raise even more funding for homeless dogs.  We have donated to a variety of wonderful non-profit rescue groups and several animal health organizations based on the sales at Fun Time Dog Shop.


The selection measure for treats offered on this site is based on the criteria standards we set for quality and ingredient content.  The merchandise offered we have personally tested, or has been product tested by one of our wonderful volunteer canine & feline product testers, to ensure quality and appeal.  We do our best to find innovative, high quality, earth friendly products, that are Made in the USA whenever possible.  If you know of a product you would like us to carry, please contact us via the Contact Us tab.

Enjoy your shopping experience and living the Fun Time Dog lifestyle with your best friend(s)!!!

Sarah - Manager/Owner

Boo - Top Dog and Product Tester

And Gunny, Max & Daisy who are supervising us from the Rainbow Bridge -The Fun Time founding dogs