Treat Dispensing Hippster
Treat Dispensing Hippster Treat Dispensing Hippster

Hippster Hippo is a charming toy ideal for games of toss, fetch, and dispensing treats. Hippster features the durable Treat Meter® prongs so you can fill him with your dog's favorite treats and then the treats pop out randomly while your dog plays, making playtime last longer.

  • Fill with treats and your dog can roll the Hippo to dispense them.
  • Trim the Treat Meter® prongs to regulate how fast the treats come out.
  • A great toy for tossing and chewing too.
  • Constructed with durable rubber.
  • Best for dogs 20 to 60 lbs. in weight.

Dogs love chewing this durable rubber toy, and you'll love watching them play for hours.